COVID-19 Updates

Updated: 05/11/2021

While we move into our next steps, we will continue to do whatever we can to protect the health and safety of your family and ours. We are asking you to work with us in an effort to keep your family, your community, and your health care providers as safe as possible. There is no perfect plan and recommendations are continuing to evolve. We appreciate the patience you’ve shown us as we navigate the unknown. We will continue to do our best for your family every day and that is all we ask of you.

We remain committed to keeping children on their regular check-up schedules, as delays in care may result in lifelong health consequences. If parents prefer, we offer Telemed appointments when appropriate. We do not offer well child checks via Telemed, because we do not advocate sub-optimal care. Your children deserve the best care and we’re dedicated to providing that as safely as possible.

What to expect at your visit to Lawrence Pediatrics:

  • When you arrive at the clinic, we will have you check in from your car via curbside check-in. A text message with directions will be sent to you 20 minutes prior to your appointment. If you do not receive the text, you can call into the office to notify us of your arrival. We have implemented this to limit exposure.
  • Adults are required to wear a mask and children over 2 years of age are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. We know that kids are not always cooperative, and we understand. All we ask is that you try your best. If you forget your mask, let us know at check-in so we may provide you one.
  • A receptionist will call you once your room is ready. You will stop at the check in desk briefly before being escorted to an exam room that is disinfected before/after each use. There will not be toys or books in the room, so you should bring something to keep your child entertained.
  • All doctors, nurses, and staff will continue to wear masks for all interactions. We may wear additional PPE if needed.
  • Well children and sick children will be brought into the office and exit the office through different doors and will be seen in different areas of the building. There will be dividers in place to help with social distancing.
  • We will try to limit the amount of time you spend in the building for your safety.
  • Don’t forget your photo IDs, insurance cards, and co-pays.

We are taking steps to protect your families and ours and we will continue these measures until the spread of COVID-19 is no longer a threat. 

To limit any fears and anxiety, we suggest talking with your child before their appointment about what to expect.

  • The office will look different than what they’re used to. We do this to help decrease the spread of germs.
  • Your nurses, doctors, and all staff will have on masks that cover their nose and mouth. We ask that you wear one too. This is to help people share less germs.
  • The toys and books they’re used to seeing have been put away to lessen the spread of germs. You can bring in your own books to read while you’re in the room.
  • The thermometer that the nurses use is different as well. This one will scan your forehead without touching you. It’s super fast!


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- Travel recommendations from KDHE

- KDHE COVID-19 Response and Updates



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