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Influenza Vaccine

2023-2024 Flu Season

Flu Vaccines are here and we're excited to offer them either curbside or in-office, whichever works best for you!

Schedule your child's spot via your patient portal or call the office during regular business hours.

Additional information can be found here in this article: "The Flu: What Parents Need to Know"

*2023-2024 Flu Season Stock Status as of 10/06/2023

Private/commercial insurances

• preservative free injectable available for all insurances

Don't forget to

complete your pre-registration sent by Phreesia via text and/or e-mail before coming to your appointment.

Vaccine Information Statements: shot - if you would like a paper copy of a VIS, please notify your nurse at the time of vaccination.

NOTE: Children must be established patients (already seen by a provider) with up-to-date well child exams for shot-only visits.

Our office offers quadrivalent influenza vaccines. Quadrivalent influenza vaccines provide protection against two Type A strains and two Type B strains, as opposed to trivalent influenza vaccines which only provide protection against two Type A strains and one Type B strain. Some pharmacies and medical practices continue to use trivalent influenza vaccines, so if you are getting vaccinated elsewhere, please be sure to ask about the quadrivalent influenza vaccine for the best protection from the flu this season.