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Telemedicine via

Lawrence Pediatrics offers scheduled telemedicine visits for certain appointment types. Telemedicine has limitations and is not the best option for all concerns. If you’d like to try a telemedicine visit, ask your nurse while scheduling.  

Rest assured if we start a telemedicine visit but feel it would be best to see your child in the office, there will be only one visit charge if your child is seen on the same day.

Please read through the disclaimer completely. is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine service with end-to-end encryption for the highest protection of your personal health information.

For best connection and telemedicine visit experience:

  1. Make sure your internet or Wi-Fi signal is strong
  2. Use the "Pre-call Test" in bottom left corner to check your camera, speakers, and microphone
  3. Sometimes restarting your device helps with connection as it closes all background apps that may cause interference. Also, streaming services such as Netflix can cause interference, please shut off all streaming.
  4. Make sure you are in a well lit, quiet, and private room

Please have the following ready and available:

  1. Your child being seen today
  2. A recent weight and temperature for your child
  3. Medications
  4. Your insurance card and copay (check with your insurance regarding coverage for telemedicine visits)
  5. A flashlight is helpful if available

If you’re ready to get started click here to be directed to our website. To the question, who you’re here to see, select “clinic nurse” to enter the waiting room.